Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Mastery

with Deke McClelland
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Photoshop CS6 One-on-One: Mastery
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Join industry expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland in the fourth and final installment of his popular Photoshop CS6 One-on-One series. In this course, Deke puts his own spin on the most powerful features in Adobe Photoshop, including the Art filters, which enable you to transform an image into a digital painting, and Photomerge, which can stitch together multiple photos into a single panorama. Plus, dive into the extended features like 3D lighting effects, the Puppet Warp and animation toolset, high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, video editing, automated adjustments with actions, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Combining multiple Filter Gallery effects
  • Converting an image into etched outlines
  • Using the new Oil Paint filter
  • Lighting a watermark texture map
  • Manually straightening a GoPro photo
  • Correcting a panorama with the Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  • Applying Puppet Warp to editable text
  • Converting layers into animated frames
  • Adding transitions, text, and sound to videos
  • Creating an authentic HDR portrait shot
  • Working with advanced layers
  • Creating a dynamically adjustable action
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Welcome to One-on-One

- Hello, this is Dick McClelland, welcome to the final course in my four part series devoted to your ultimate mastery of the world's most powerful image editing software which I call Photoshop CS6 One on One Mastery. Now, as many of you know, One on One is all about project based learning. You'll learn, not by listening to me lecture you or by even watching me create pretty pictures on screen, but rather by rolling up your sleeves and creating compelling projects for yourself.

That way, you'll be better prepared to create your own projects in the future. Now, this particular course is eight chapters long. I'll start things off by showing you how to create artistic effects using Photoshop's vast and powerful filter set. Then I'll show you how to stitch together panorama's and compensate for wide angled distortion. You'll learn how to use the puppet warp command to create an animated movie. I'll tour you through Photoshop's extensive video editing capabilities, which even permit you to add text overlays and voiceovers.

I'll introduce to the wide world of high dynamic range. I'll acquaint you with some little known advance layer tricks, perfect for those of you who routinely work in files with dozens or even hundreds of layers and I'll show you how to record time saving automated step-by-step actions. The result is a contextualized learning program. Photoshop's features make sense because you apply them to a clearly defined task and you leave each chapter with a real sense of accomplishment.

I'll start things off in this chapter by showing you how to achieve a series of highly graphic effects using a combination of the filter gallery along with the oil paint filter. Here, let me show you exactly how it works.

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