Photoshop CS6 New Features: Brushes

with John Derry
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Photoshop CS6 New Features: Brushes
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Join John Derry, one of the world's top experts in natural-media digital painting, as he teaches how to quickly get up to speed painting with the new brush enhancements and capabilities in Adobe Photoshop CS6, such as the Mixer Brush tool presets. These features expand the ability of Photoshop to mimic the real world with new erodible tips and airbrushes. The lessons cover adding textures to brushes, working with erodible dry media, and introduces particulate airbrushes and the Brush Projection feature. This course serves as a concise guide to what's new in Photoshop CS6 for digital painting.

This course was created and produced by John Derry. We are honored to host his tutorials in the library.

Topics include:
  • Setting up the painting workspace
  • Getting acquainted with brush tip types
  • Understanding brush behaviors
  • Loading your brush with colors
  • Managing the tool presets
  • Drawing with pencils


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm John Derry and I'd like to welcome you to Photoshop CS6 New Features, Brushes. I'll show you how to get the most out of these natural media tools, so that you can apply them to your own work. I'll introduce you to the mixer brush cloning paint setup action and the associated cloner tool presets that enable you to treat (mumbling) symmetry, a photograph for example, like wet oil paint. I'll also provide optional content to extend the cloning paint actions functionality.

Now, let's get started with Photoshop CS6 New Features, Brushes.

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