Photoshop CS6 Image Cleanup Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop CS6 Image Cleanup Workshop
Video duration: 0s 2h 13m Beginner


No matter how careful you are when capturing your photographic images, there are going to be issues that you find later—whether it's little spots or blemishes, or bigger problems like color casts or chromatic aberration. In this workshop, Tim Grey shares his techniques for cleaning up your images with Adobe Photoshop. After getting an overview of image-cleanup concepts and tools, learn how to remove spots, correct color problems, eliminate noise, fix red eye, and much more. Tim also shares advanced techniques like making gradient adjustments, extending the frame, and using multiple exposures to remove people from an image. This course covers all you need to know to remove distractions in an image that keep your genius from shining through.

Topics include:
  • The ethics of cleanup
  • Reviewing the image
  • Nondestructive cleanup
  • Cleanup tools and techniques
  • Removing strong color casts
  • Gradient adjustments
  • Extending the frame
  • Using multiple exposures to remove subjects from an image
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- Hello. I'm Tim Grey. For fifteen years I've been working to help photographers make the most of their photographic images. That's included writing books and magazine articles, speaking at workshops and seminars around the world, and producing a variety of video training titles. One of the things I tend to focus on in my own photography, and when teaching photography to others, is to avoid distractions within the frame. In large part that involves looking a little more closely at the subject through the viewfinder, and finding ways to ensure that everything in the frame adds to the overall photographic composition, without creating distraction.

Of course, sometimes those distractions can't be avoided. And sometimes, you don't notice them because you're so excited about the subject in front of your lens. Whatever the reason, you're going to find situations where you want to remove distractions or blemishes from your photos and in this video workshop, I'll help you master that task. I'll start by reviewing some of the overall concepts related to image clean up. And then I'll dive into the tools you'll typically use for cleaning up your images in Photoshop. We'll then take an in depth look at some of the clean up techniques I recommend to help you work more efficiently and produce results of higher quality.

I'll then guide you through some more advanced clean up methods that will help you clean up images even with challenging blemishes. Along the way you'll see many examples of the challenges you'll likely find within your own photographic images, but more importantly, you'll see real world solutions. So let's take a look together at some of my favorite tools and techniques for cleaning up blemishes in your digital photos.

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