Photoshop CS5: Creative Effects

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop CS5: Creative Effects
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In Photoshop CS5: Creative Effects, Chris Orwig flexes the muscles of this powerful program to create unique and eye-catching photographic effects. This course demonstrates how to enhance images by adding light for emphasis, adding drop and directional shadows, and using the HDR toning controls, motion blur, and film grain creatively. In addition, learn how to create a vintage-style photograph or a panorama, use infrared and solarization, apply creative layer blending, and much more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Adding light and drama
  • Enhancing color and tone
  • Applying graffiti and reflections to surfaces
  • Using lens blur and focus to enhance portraits
  • Masking multiple images and adding elements
  • Combining images with multiple depths of field
  • Using layers masks and blending with HDR toning
  • Applying border and edge effects
  • Adding a sense of motion
  • Understanding vanishing point perspective
  • Using Photoshop plug-ins


(camera clicks) - Hey, welcome! My name is Chris Orwig. I am a photographer and I'm a teacher. I'm on the faculty at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where we are right now, and it is a beautiful morning. The sun has just risen. It's the dawn of a new day. You know, I'm really excited about this training title Photoshop CS5 Creative Effects, and here's why. I'm excited because I'm passionate about photography. In here we're gonna take a look at how we can use Photoshop and how we can apply some creative effects to our photographs in order to make them come to life in a completely new way.

So what exactly will we be covering here? Well, I'm gonna start off by exploring how we can work with light. Whether it's adding shadow or adding a point of interest in an image by adding light. We'll explore how we can work with vintage effects or add film grain or create a border or edge around our photographs. Now we're gonna cover all of these topics and more, and as you can tell we have some pretty exciting content ahead of us so let's begin.

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