Photoshop CC Raw Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop CC Raw Workshop
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To truly make the most of a raw capture, you need to use the best possible methods to convert that image. Adobe Camera Raw, included as part of Photoshop, provides you with a wide variety of tools to help you produce optimal raw conversions. This course will guide you through all of the available options and the best techniques to make sure the converted image is of the highest possible quality.

Topics include:
  • Opening raw captures
  • Setting Camera Raw preferences
  • Zooming and panning
  • Processing multiple images
  • Image rotation, cropping, and straightening
  • White balance and tonal adjustments
  • Sharpening and noise reduction
  • Split toning
  • Compensating for lens vignetting
  • Focused adjustments
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Photoshop Camera Raw


- Hello, I'm Tim Grey. For years I've been encouraging photographers to make the most of their digital photography by taking advantage of their camera's RAW capture option. When using the RAW capture mode you're maximizing the amount of information gathered by the camera, and therefore maximizing the potential of the final image. In this course I'll guide you through the many powerful features for processing your RAW captures using Adobe Camera Raw, which is included as part of Photoshop. I'll start off by giving you an overview of Adobe Camera Raw and guiding you through the basic operations and configuration options.

Next, we'll go step by step through all of the basic adjustments available to you for optimizing the appearance of your photos in the RAW conversion process. We'll then explore some of the more advanced features, including image cleanup, targeted adjustments, cropping and straightening, graduated adjustments, camera calibration, and much more. Using RAW capture helps ensure the best results in your photography, and having a solid understanding of Adobe Camera Raw will enable you to really make the most of every photo you work with in Photoshop. So, let's get started.

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