Photoshop CC 2013 One-on-One: Intermediate

with Deke McClelland
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Photoshop CC 2013 One-on-One: Intermediate
Video duration: 0s 10h 37m Intermediate Updated Sep 18, 2014


Photoshop CC One-on-One is back, and this installment teaches you how to build on your basic knowledge and achieve next-level effects with this premiere image-editing program. Industry pro Deke McClelland shows you how to seamlessly move and patch areas of a photo with the Content-Aware toolset; stretch the brightness of a scene with automatic and custom Levels adjustments; create intricate designs with text and shapes; and morph an image with layer effects and transformations. Deke also shares his techniques for sharpening details, whether addressing noise and highlight/shadow clipping or camera shake, and converting a full-color image to black and white. The final chapters show you how to best print and save images for the web, making sure all your hard work pays off in the final output.

Topics include:
  • Performing automatic retouch, scaling, and more with the Content-Aware tools
  • Editing the histogram
  • Customizing a Levels adjustment
  • Making channel-by-channel Levels adjustments
  • Sharpening with the Smart Sharpen, Emboss, and High Pass filters
  • Working with vector-based type
  • Kerning and tracking characters
  • Creating text on a path
  • Drawing and customizing shapes
  • Creating depth, contour, and texture with layer effects
  • Liquifying an image
  • Simulating an infrared photo
  • Adjusting print position, size, and color
  • Creating the perfect JPEG image
  • Downsampling for the web
Design Photography

Welcome to One-on-One

- Hello, this is Deke McLelland. Welcome to Photoshop One-on-One: Intermediate, part two in a series of four courses devoted to your ultimate mastery of the world's most powerful image editing software. One-on-One is all about project-based learning. You experience Photoshop by rolling up your sleeves and creating compelling projects for yourself. That way, you'll be better prepared to create your own projects in the future. In this course you'll sharpen the detail in a digital photograph.

You'll build a magazine cover using resolution-independent text and shape layers. You'll create amazing visual effects using layer effects and styles. You'll scale and rotate a series of layers. You'll use the liquify filter to alter the shape of a person's face. And you'll turn an unremarkable, full-color photo into a black and white work of beauty. The result is a contextualized learning program. Photoshop's features make sense because you apply them, sometimes independently, other times in concert, to a clearly defined task and you leave each chapter with a sense of accomplishment.

I really hope there are moments were you feel I rule, I did this and I can do more. One last item. As you know, Photoshop is now part of the Creative Cloud which makes it a fluid application that may update to any extent at any time. And just as Photoshop is fluid, this course is fluid. Check back every so often because I'll be updating and adding movies whenever they need attention. In any given movie, you may see a command or widget that doesn't quite match the ones on your screen.

But rest assured, everything I'll be showing you works exactly as advertised. And with that, roll up your sleeves and let's get to work.

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