Photoshop CC Image Optimization

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop CC Image Optimization
Video duration: 0s 3h 4m Beginner


This course guides photographers through all of the key adjustments they're likely to use in the process of making their photos look their best using Photoshop. The course begins with an overview of some of the concepts related to applying adjustments, and then moves through basic, advanced, and creative adjustments.

Topics include:
  • Configuring the Photoshop interface
  • Basic RAW conversion
  • Reviewing, refining, and resetting adjustments
  • Cropping the image
  • Improving tonality and color
  • Using the Shadows/Highlights adjustment
  • Dodging and burning
  • Working with Curves
  • Adding tints and vignettes
  • Converting to black and white
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- Hello, I'm Tim Grey, and I'll be your trainer for this video course aimed at helping you master an image optimization workflow in Photoshop. I believe in a workflow that maximizes flexibility and quality, and that's exactly what I'll guide you through here. We'll start off by looking at some of the overall concepts and workflow considerations in Photoshop. We'll then work through the basic adjustments for improving the appearance of your photos. Having built a strong foundation, we'll then explore advanced adjustment techniques, including my favorite method for dodging and burning to apply excellent control over the lighting in a photo.

I'll also help you truly understand the use of the curves adjustment to really take control over the tone and color of your images. I'll also introduce you to the use of targeted adjustments to help you exercise even greater control. Finally, I'll share some creative adjustments with you which will help you explore some additional ways you can interpret your digital photos. Along the way you'll learn a lot and you'll have some fun too, so let's get started.

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