Photoshop CC Image Cleanup Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop CC Image Cleanup Workshop
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This course provides extensive guidance on cleaning up blemishes and distractions in photos using Adobe Photoshop CC. It begins with a basic overview of the key concepts and a review of the relevant tools available in Photoshop, then covers basic and advanced cleanup techniques. Gain confidence in your ability to remove even the most challenging blemishes in your photos.

Topics include:
  • Cleanup concepts
  • Essential cleanup tools
  • Basic cleanup techniques
  • Removing strong color casts
  • Adjusting brush shape
  • Extending the frame
  • Using multiple exposures
  • Replacing a bad sky
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- Hello, I'm Tim Grey. One of the things I tend to focus on in my photography is avoiding distractions within the frame. In large part that involves looking a little more closely at the subject through the viewfinder, and finding ways to ensure that everything in the frame adds to the overall photographic composition without creating distractions. Of course, sometimes those distractions can't be avoided and sometimes you don't notice them because you're so excited about the subject in front of the lens. Whatever the reason, you're going to find situations where you want to remove distractions or blemishes from your photos, and in this course I'll help you master image cleanup.

I'll start by reviewing some of the overall concepts related to image cleanup. And then we'll explore all of the tools you'll typically use for cleaning up your images in Photoshop. We'll then take an in-depth look at some of the cleanup techniques I recommend to help you work more efficiently and produce results of the highest quality. I'll then guide you through some more advanced methods that will help you cleanup images even with challenging blemishes. Along the way you'll see many examples of the challenges you'll likely face with your own photographic images. But more importantly you'll see real world solutions.

So let's take a look at some of my favorite tools and techniques for cleaning up blemishes in your digital photos.

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