Photoshop Black-and-White Workshop

with Tim Grey
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Photoshop Black-and-White Workshop
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There's nothing quite like a great black-and-white image. In this workshop, author and trainer Tim Grey shows you how to create the best possible black-and-white interpretations of color photographs using Adobe Photoshop. From very basic grayscale conversions to advanced multiple-channel blending using layer masks, Tim explores a wide variety of methods that you can use to produce the best black-and-white results. Afterwards, tackle a set of real-world projects that combine a variety of techniques to produce the final image. Note: This course was recorded in Photoshop CS5, but was created with users of both Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS4 in mind.

Topics include:
  • Understanding channels
  • Desaturating
  • Using the Lab color mode
  • Adding a black-and-white adjustment layer
  • Adding a color tint
  • Applying a Curves adjustment
  • Using the Gradient Map adjustment
  • Adding a vignette or film grain
  • Dodging and burning
  • Selective black-and-white
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- Hi, I'm Tim Grey, photographer, author, and educator. I've authored over a dozen books, written hundreds of magazine articles, and taught numerous workshops around the world. And yet, like so many photographers, I got my start with a black and white photography class in high school, capturing images on film and printing them myself in the wet dark room. I still have great memories from that experience and I'm sure that has a lot to do with my fondness for a great black and white image. In these lessons, I'll show you a variety of methods for creating a black and white interpretation of a color photograph using Photoshop.

I'll also talk about why I would use a particular technique for specific images or to fill a particular need. From very basic grey scale conversions to advanced multiple channel blending using Layer Masks, you'll see a wide variety of methods you can use to produce the best black and white images. I'll also share a variety of creative techniques, including the addition of a color tint, adding film grain, vignetting, and more. After you've learned all of these skills, we'll tackle a set of real world projects that combine a variety of techniques to produce the final image.

The images I use in each lesson come with this course, so you can use those same images while you follow along and practice the techniques you'll learn. The images are organized into folders by chapter name, and the file names reflect the content of the photo, matching the same file names you'll see in the lessons. When it comes to creating black and white images, the key is to focus on what's important and impactful in the image beyond just color, and to find ways to emphasize those elements. In the lessons included in this workshop, I'll help you achieve exactly that, so you can create incredible black and white images from your color originals.

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