Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Perestroika

with Uli Staiger
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Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Perestroika
Video duration: 0s 1h 46m Intermediate


In this workshop master Adobe Photoshop artist Uli Staiger takes you step by step through the process of creating the fanciful image of an old Soviet helicopter being used as a harvester. Learn how to combine supplied source images, make adjustments, and add details to create a complex, realistic scene with lots of layers. Along the way discover lots of tricks and techniques for painting with light and shadow, creating motion blur, brush-based masking, adding vignettes, and more.

Topics include:
  • Creating the basic panoramic file
  • Placing the sky
  • Masking the horizon by using a path
  • Adding the helicopter
  • Positioning and masking the sickle bar
  • Providing contextual detail
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- Perestroika is, in the truest sense of the word, a breathtaking image. An old Soviet combat helicopter provides peaceful service as a harvester on a sunny crop field. Among many different tips and tricks about how to take the pictures for this ambitious project, I will talk about the process of painting light and shadows. Also, I want to explain how to create motion blur, and how to use new brush-based masking techniques, which you have probably never seen before. Different correction layers change the color and the contrast of the image, and make it look like a still of an action-thriller.

This training is designed for users who are familiar with Photoshop basics, and who will appreciate files with more than 10 layers. Have fun.

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