Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Inner City Express

with Uli Staiger
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Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Inner City Express
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Photoshop allows artists to stretch the possibilities of photography almost as far as their imaginations can reach. Here Uli Staiger reveals his process for creating a complex scene from just a simple sketch and some source images. The end result: a train station of the future, built from images of normal, everyday platform scenes. Along the way, he'll show how to create breathtaking perspective, lighten the background to create a visible distance, paint in light and shadows, composite 3D objects into the scene, and create realistic lens flares without using any filters, plugins, or external software! It all starts with a little imagination. Bring yours and get inspired by a Photoshop artist in action.

Topics include:
  • Sketching out a concept
  • Masking reference images
  • Constructing a roof with the fill method
  • Building a looping track
  • Painting in light and reflections
  • Brightening the background to give the illusion of distance
  • Adding text and layer styles
  • Compositing, texturing, and lighting 3D objects
  • Adding smoke and dust to the scene


- [Voiceover] Hi, my name is Uli Staiger and together with you I want to create a real cool stunning scene in Adobe Photoshop. Let's go to the Bridge and take a first look at what we are going to do. This is the final image and it's called ICE, which means Inter-City-Express. You can see that everything, the whole scene takes place inside the city because these are the images that are in the background right here. So what are we going to do? Of course, we have to build a platform first from these images and I think you can see that the images are not real hard to get.

So these are no special images but still I think that this image is sort of special because the idea behind this workshop is to put together completely normal images in order to get this stunning scene. So I think you will have a lot of fun and I hope you will learn something and I wish you a lot of fun when we dive right into the image right now.

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