Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Atlantis

with Uli Staiger
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Photoshop Artist in Action: Uli Staiger's Atlantis
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In this course master Adobe Photoshop artist Uli Staiger takes you step by step through the process of creating a complex composite image with Photoshop. Uli shows how to compose a twilit background from several different source images, create a lighting atmosphere that unifies the various elements, and add a swarm of glowing fireflies. The tutorials are presented in a series of simple, easy-to-follow lessons that give you plenty of room to add your own artistic touches to the final product.

Topics include:
  • Selecting the sky with the Quick Selection tool
  • Refining the selection using the Pen tool
  • Expanding the canvas and adding an object
  • Matching horizons and refining edges
  • Creating a lighting atmosphere
  • Adding fireflies to the picture
  • Creating a new layer and an outline
  • Adding luminescence
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- Hi there, my name is Uli Staiger. I'm a photographer and retoucher from Berlin, Germany. I've created a collection of new Photoshop workshops that walk you through how to create a stunning scene, step-by-step. By following along with me, you'll learn numerous, sophisticated techniques and see them applied in a real world setting. Each of these workshops include all these exercises files you'll need to follow along with me step-by-step. In this Photoshop workshop, I will show you how to build a romantic, fairytale-like scene.

A sculpture is getting a dress, surrounded by hundreds of fireflies. After building the landscape background from four different files, the fireflies will be created using a custom-built brush tip. Get inspired by the striking lighting of the sculpture and the landscape. One item of particular note, almost all the light effects in this scene were not photographed, but instead, painted. I hope you will have fun learning from this video training.

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