Photoshop: 2014 Creative Cloud Updates

with Deke McClelland
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Photoshop: 2014 Creative Cloud Updates
Video duration: 0s 2h 36m Intermediate Updated Oct 06, 2014


Creative Cloud, Adobe's cloud-based subscription service, delivers the latest imaging innovations in Photoshop CC straight to your computer. Deke McClelland helps you stay on top of all these updates and get the most out of Photoshop's newest features and enhancements in this course. New chapters will be added every time Adobe releases a major update. To start, Deke shows how to select the in-focus portions of your photos with the Focus Area command, simulate blur effects and motion with the Path Blur and Spin Blur filters, selectively modify masks in Camera Raw, and work with enhancements to Smart Objects, gradients, and layers. Check back often for new tutorials.

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Introducing Photoshop Forever

- Hi, I'm Deke McClelland. Welcome to the new features in the 2014 edition of Photoshop CC. As many of you know, CC is short for Adobe's Creative Cloud, which is a subscription-based service, but it's also the name for a slew of applications. CC is, in fact, the present day version of what was once called the Creative Suite, or CS. CC requires a monthly investment. Either a big one if you want all the programs, or a more modest one, if all you need is Photoshop and Lightroom.

In exchange, you get a special breed of Photoshop that periodically updates to keep you supplied with the newest imaging innovations. For example, you can now select in-focus areas of a photograph, independently of the low-focus areas, beyond the depth of field. You can add blur effects to simulate spinning or moving objects. In Camera RAW, you can combine the effects of the Graduated and Radial Filter tools, with an Adjustment Brush, to create more sophisticated masks.

And that's just the beginning as you're about to see. This edition of Photoshop CC releases in June of 2014, and will continue to update well into 2015. Each time it does, I'll record more movies on the newest of the new features. So be sure to check back every few months. In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy.

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