Product Photography for Jewelry

with Konrad Eek
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Product Photography for Jewelry
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Jewelry, whether a ring or a wristwatch, introduces unique photographic challenges. It's small, requiring careful focus and composition, and it's usually shiny, requiring attention to detail in lighting. In this course, photographer Konrad Eek details the creative and technical decisions involved in making jewelry look its best. The course begins with an overview of backgrounds and lighting techniques, including details on how to build an inexpensive chamber that creates beautiful, diffused light.

The course then demonstrates several shooting scenarios, including a ring, a wristwatch, and a necklace and earring set. Each scenario explores a different lighting tool, from inexpensive flash to larger studio strobes to continuous lights. Along the way, Konrad shares tips for styling and positioning jewelry for best results. Last, learn the kinds of Adobe Photoshop post-processing involved in refining jewelry photographs.



- Hello. I'm Konrad Eek and I've been working as a commercial photographer for over 25 years, and what I'd like to share with you in this course are techniques for jewelry photography. We're going to start off with simple lighting, desk lamps, a shop lamp, things you might find around the house and work our way through to the most sophisticated, professional lighting here. We're also going to work with light modifiers running the same gambit from simple to complicated. Simple gear that you can make with materials you find at the local art store, and sophisticated, professional equipment that you can order from mail order houses around the country.

We're going to explore a variety of backgrounds from mat board to tile, stone, wood, and we're going to discuss also the aesthetics behind selection of a background. We'll teach you also how to work tethered. It's a technique where you link your camera to your computer so that you can see the work in progress large enough to tell if you're making errors. We'll give you tips for post-production on your photographs as well. Whether you're an amateur, perhaps a jewelry maker looking to document your own work, or capture images of your collection for insurance purposes, maybe a working professional hoping to expand your skillset and give yourself new business opportunities, I think you will find things of value in this course.

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