Optimal Output with Photoshop CS6

with Tim Grey
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Optimal Output with Photoshop CS6
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In this advanced workshop Tim Grey delves into some of the finer points of creating top-quality output of your digital images. First, get an introduction to color management, which is absolutely crucial to maintaining consistent colors throughout your workflow. Tim then takes an in-depth look at the topic of sharpening—when and how to do it, as well as when not to—and covers some advanced sharpening techniques. He also offers tips for printing your photos, exploring both the relevant settings in Adobe Photoshop and those you're likely to find in your printer driver. Finally, he discusses troubleshooting suboptimal output—i.e., when something goes wrong, figuring out what happened and how to fix it. If you spend a lot of time optimizing your images, this workshop will help you make sure all that effort is reflected in the quality of your output.

Topics include:
  • Getting started with color management
  • Early-workflow sharpening
  • Output preparation
  • When not to sharpen
  • Advanced sharpening techniques
  • Printing a photo
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- [Tim] Hello I'm Tim Grey. For 15 years I've been writing books and magazine articles, speaking at workshops and seminars around the world, and producing video training titles all aimed at helping photographers better understand complex subjects. One of the more complicated subjects photographers face is color management but in this video training title I'm going to make this topic approachable and dare I say perhaps even fun. I'll start off by laying a foundation of a color managed work flow helping you understand the concepts involved and showing you some of the configuration options you'll want to consider.

I'll then show you the work flow considerations related sharpening which is a big part of the process of preparing your images for output when color management really becomes critical. We'll then dive into the details of a color managed work flow including saving your master image, creating a copy of your image for output purposes, resizing and sharpening the image, and performing additional tasks that are important to ensure the best results in a variety of different output situations. Next I'll demonstrate some advanced sharpening techniques to really help you improve the appearance of your photos as you prepare them for printing or other sharing.

Finally we'll take a look at the specific settings you'll want to use when printing your photos including the use of output profiles, printer options, and more. We all want to make our photographic images look their best with an efficient work flow. In this workshop I'll help you take the images you've already optimized and make sure the final output looks as accurate as possible with excellent quality. I look forward to helping you better understand how to ensure the best prints and other output for your digital photos.

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