Mastering Color Correction in Photoshop

with Tim Grey
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Mastering Color Correction in Photoshop
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Getting color right is both an art and a science, and in this course Tim Grey shares his knowledge of color correction in Adobe Photoshop. After exploring some of the basic concepts related to system configuration and color in general, Tim delves into basic techniques for color adjustments, then looks at focused color corrections. See how to shift the balance for a specific range of colors, tone down problem colors, create neutral highlight and shadow values, improve color in skin tones, and more. Plus, learn techniques for evaluating color and for matching specific color values in your images.

Topics include:
  • Configuration considerations
  • Evaluating color
  • Basic color for raw images
  • Essentials of color balance
  • Vibrance vs. saturation
  • Adjusting temperature in Lab mode
  • Strong color cast removal
  • Focused color corrections
  • Color matching
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- Hello, I'm Tim Grey. If you're like many photographers, you've probably struggled from time-to-time with color corrections for your photos. At times, you may have even felt that you

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