Introducing the Bridge workspace

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Introducing the Bridge workspace

In order to become familiar with how we can use Bridge in our photographic workflow, let's take a look at the overall Bridge interface. One of the first things that you are going to discover is that Bridge is divided up into different panels. Now, you can access these panels by clicking on the tabs. For example, if I click on Favorites, it will show me my favorites, or by clicking on Folders, I can then see my folder list. Another thing that you will notice is that here I have a Content window. In the Content window, I have a number of different thumbnails. If I click on one of these thumbnails, I can view this in the Preview panel, with a little bit larger preview.

Now, if this preview isn't big enough, what you can do is you can actually customize the overall workspace. Customizing the workspace can be really helpful, so that you can view the information that's most relevant to the task at hand. For example, let's say I want to evaluate this photograph. What I can do is I can hover over the dividing line between these different panels and then click and drag. I will also hover over the dividing line between these two panels and click and drag down. Now I have a much larger preview.

To view other images, all that I need to do is simply click on them, or I can also scroll through these by pressing my Arrow keys. Here you can see we are looking at some photographs that I captured in Sayulita, Mexico this last summer. Now, another thing that you can do in regards to the interface is you can collapse panels altogether. For example, let's say that the metadata isn't very relevant to me. What I can do here is simply double-click that tab. It will then close that panel altogether. If I want to reopen it, all that I need to do is double-click that one more time.

So as you can see, we can really customize this in some pretty interesting ways. Now, we can take this even further. If you navigate to your Window pulldown menu, here you are going to notice that you have a Workspace option. Currently I have selected the Essentials or the default workspace. I can also choose other workspaces as well, like, for example, the Filmstrip workspace. Now, one of the nice things about this is that, if I make a change to the overall workspace layout, Bridge is going to remember this change.

Let me show you what I mean. So notice that I have increased the size of the thumbnails by clicking and dragging on the dividing line in between the Content and Preview panels. Well, if I go back to my Window pulldown menu and here choose Essentials and then go back and this time choose Filmstrip, it will remember the position of everything that I have defined in this particular workspace. Now, another way to make the selection of a workspace is to open this Workspace Selector up by clicking and dragging to the left.

You click and drag on what looks like a little bit of a handle there or an edge. And here what I can do is simply click on a different workspace, so that I can then view my images in one particular way, or for that matter another.

Introducing the Bridge workspace
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Introducing the Bridge workspace provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

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