Installing the DekeKeys keyboard shortcuts

show more Installing the DekeKeys keyboard shortcuts provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Deke McClelland as part of the Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery show less
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Installing the DekeKeys keyboard shortcuts

All right gang, I want to give you the opportunity to load a few settings here, both my dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts and my Best Workflow CS4 Color Settings. And the idea is this. These files keep Photoshop running at top form, and the keyboard shortcuts allow us to access some really common commands much more easily than digging through the menu system. And of course, Best Workflow CS4 ensures that we have consistent color across different applications. But also, I want you and I to be on the same page, so that we are minimizing any potential points of confusion. Now you do not have to load these files. It is not compulsory; they are just there if you need them.

Those of you who dutifully worked your way through the nearly 200 movies that make up Photoshop CS4 One-on-One fundamentals, and you already loaded dekeKeys and Best Workflow CS4 in Chapter 3, you don't have to do it again. These are the exact same files, so you are good to go. This is the folder you want to make sure you are in. If you are a premium member or you have access to the DVD, you go to your exercise_files folder, and you go to the 00_settings folder, and there and you'll find a folder dekeKeys PsCS4 One-on-One. I am going to go ahead and open up this dekeKeys folder right there. Therein you will find two files, one for the Mac, and one for Windows, so it doesn't matter whether you are using Windows Vista, or Windows XP, it works for Windows.

Now, here's how you go ahead and load these files. This is the easiest way to do it. You should be able to just double-click on one of these files. So one that corresponds to your platform, that's very important of course. And then Photoshop, we'll go ahead and launch, if it's not already running, or it will come to front, and then it will go ahead and load your keyboard shortcuts. But we've had users experience a few problems, either the wrong version of Photoshop Loads, or the completely wrong application loads like Adobe Premiere. So just be on a safe side, here's what you do. You right-click on the file you want to use, and I'm working under Windows Vista, so I'd right-click on this file; right here on the Windows file.

If you don't have a right-mouse button on the Mac, then you would press the Ctrl key and click. And then choose the Open With command, on the Mac you should see a sub-menu that will list Photoshop CS4, go ahead and choose it. And then wait a moment while I tell the PC people what to do. If you are on the PC, you choose the Open With command, and then you should see Adobe Photoshop CS4, perhaps along with some other applications, right there click on it. If you can't see it, then you've got to go ahead and click on the Browse button, and you should find Photoshop if you did a default installation on your C drive in the Program Files, folder, inside the Adobe folder and then dig your way into the Adobe Photoshop CS4 folder, and you will find the application. That's a pain in the neck, but you'll have to do it if you don't see it. Hopefully you'll see it right there, and you'll just click on OK.

Now Photoshop is not running, you should see it launch. If Photoshop is running, it will probably come to front but there is no guarantee. It certainly will not beep or flash or give you any indication that anything has happened. Here's how you determine that something has happened. You go to the Edit menu, you choose the Keyboard Shortcuts command, or you press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K, Command+Shift+Option+K on the Mac, and up comes the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. And you should see this. Photoshop Defaults (modified). That tells you you just got through modifying the keyboard shortcuts. Hopefully they were modified correctly. Let's check.

Go ahead and click on this twirly triangle in front of File to twirl that open, and then scroll your way down until you come to this item right there, Place, and you should see a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+D, Command+Shift+Option+D on the Mac. In case you are wondering, why you like keep saying the keyboard shortcuts backward? It's because the industry standard is to say Ctrl or Command first, Shift second, Alt or Option third, not in this strange way that Adobe decides to list its keyboard shortcuts, but I digress, it really doesn't matter. Anyway you should see that, Keyboard Shortcut right there, if so, everything is grand, I'm going to go ahead and twirl this close for the sake of tidiness.

Then we'll save off our keyboard shortcut, by clicking on the floppy disk icon because after all, that's what we all use to save things. Do not change the directory; you want to make sure that you are saving in the Keyboard Shortcuts folder that is mired deep in the bowels of your hard drive. Now the exact path is going to be different on the Mac, or under Windows XP, just leave it alone. All right, instead what you are going to do is go ahead and name this file, and I propose that you call it dekeKeys CS4, but I really don't care what you call it. Call it Freight Keys for all like here; name it after yourself. That's fine. They are just keyboard shortcuts.

Click on the Save button, and you are done. You should see the set right there, good to go, click OK, and now you can get to some really great commands from the keyboard. For example, some really common filters, normally you have to dig for filters, by going to the Filter menu, choosing the sub-menu name and then choosing the filter, and things like Smart Sharpen and Unsharp Mask are so essential that you may find yourself using them on a daily basis. So why not have keyboard shortcuts? And I go ahead and give all of what I considered to be the best filters, all six of them. There are six filters that I recommend you use pretty frequently. And I go ahead and give them Shift plus a Function key with my dekeKey shortcuts. Now I tell you what. That isn't necessarily going to work just right out of the bag, for those of you who are Macintosh users, because of the way the Mac is setup.

So if you are PC people though you should be fine, you should be good to go. Go ahead now having gotten this to work, skip ahead two exercises to my discussion of installing the Best Workflow CS4 Color Settings. If you are a Mac person though, I want you to stick tight, I want you to watch the next exercise in which I'll show you how to make sure that you can you use your function keys inside of Photoshop.

Installing the DekeKeys keyboard shortcuts
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Installing the DekeKeys keyboard shortcuts provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Deke McClelland as part of the Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery

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