Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: File-Handling Preferences

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File-handling preferences

Let's continue to talk about preferences. In particular, let's talk about some of the file handling preferences. Now for the most part these are good to go. I only have a couple of comments here, and my comments are going to be about maximizing PSD Compatibility and Recent File List. But first, let's start at the top. Now your File Saving Options, you want to always save those Icon, Mac and Windows Thumbnail, in case the image is viewed on either operating system. Append the Extension, Lower case, great. Camera Raw Preferences, we will talk more about that when we get to Camera Raw, so I'm going to skip that for now. Ignore EXIF, I want that off. Ask Before Layered TIFF Files, I want to have that on. What that will do is it will help me keep track of my TIFF Files, if it was flat and now has layers, it's going to ask me, what I want to do there. But the thing I really want to talk about is Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility. Now what's the best option here? Well, if you are just working in Photoshop, you want to take this to Never.

You don't need to maximize the file compatibility. It's going to make your Photoshop documents larger. And you don't want that extra-weight or that extra-size included in the file. Yet, on the other hand, if you're like me and you use other applications like Lightroom and you're going to be integrating your Photoshop files into the Lightroom database, well, then you maybe need a different option. On my case, I choose Ask because what it does, it says, hey, do you want to maximize the file compatibility? And if the file is going to be included in my Lightroom Library, I'm going to say, yeah. It does. But there are other times when I work on files and I don' want them to be part of my Lightroom Workflow, so I say no. So again, these options are going to be really contingent upon your own workflow.

Now, because in this training, we're only focusing on Photoshop, I'm going to choose Never. I want to turn that option off. Now the Version Cue, Enable Version Cue. Well you want to enable that if you're using Version Cue. Yet one of the things that I found is typically the amount of people who are actually using Version Cue are pretty small. So I'm going to check that option off because I'm not using that again. I'm just working in Photoshop especially with this training, and then in my own workflow I don't use Version Cue as well. So I want to check that option off. Now, if you are interested in learning more about Version Cue, do a quick Google search for it and you can learn more about Version Cue at the Adobe site. But you just want to make sure you're working by yourself you are probably not using Version Cue, so you want to check that off.

All right, our Recent file list contains 10 files. This is one option I like to crank up to about 30 and by increasing this number, you now have the ability to go to your File pulldown menu and then open Recent and see the most recent 30 files you have worked on. And I like to see that list because it helps, we can get to these files quickly and it doesn't decrease the performance of Photoshop in any way shape or form.

File-handling preferences
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File-handling preferences provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS4 for Photographers

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