Digital Painting: Architecture

with John Derry
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Digital Painting: Architecture
Video duration: 0s 4h 46m Intermediate


Learn to think like a painter and render images that look like they were created with oils or acrylics, using the latest digital artist's tools. Author and artist John Derry introduces the process of interpreting a photograph into a painted work of art. He begins by explaining his system of visual vocabularies, which describe how to replace the visual characteristics of a photograph with that of expressive painting, and also shares the custom brush sets and actions he uses to achieve these results in Adobe Photoshop. The course also covers working with filters, layers, effects, and more to add further detail and texture.

Topics include:
  • Setting up a Wacom tablet
  • Removing lens distortions
  • Correcting distracting image elements
  • Making shadow and highlight adjustments
  • Simplifying details with filters and Smart Blur
  • Modifying color
  • Cloning layers
  • Using a traditional paint color swatch set
  • Using custom actions
  • Working with canvas texture
  • Creating physical surface texture effects
  • Painting with custom brushes
Photoshop Wacom


- Hi, I'm John Derry. Welcome to digital painting architecture. In this title I'll show you how you can utilize Photoshop to transform your photos into expressive hand-painted works of art. We'll examine the vocabularies of photography and painting and learn how to expressively interpret one into the other. We'll take an in depth look at my brushes and techniques now incorporated into CS six and teach you how to apply them to execute your own unique artistic vision.

In the first half of this title we will go through the process of preparing the photo for interpretation. In the second half we will utilize my tool preset brushes and expressively interpret our prepared photo into a painted result. If you've got a digital camera, from a phone camera to a DSLR, you can take your picture from digital image to digital master piece. Now, let's get started with digital painting architecture.

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