Design the Web: Video Graphics and Animation

with Chris Converse
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Design the Web: Video Graphics and Animation
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Learn to edit video and add custom graphics and animations to your projects— all with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended! Author Chris Converse starts with the powerful new video editing tools in Photoshop CS6, which allow you to design and brand videos for your interactive and online projects. Once editing is complete, discover how to render the video as an MP4 file that can be uploaded to a favorite video website, incorporated into your own site, or embedded in an iBook, interactive PDF, or digital magazine.

This course was created and produced by Chris Converse. We are honored to host this material in our library.

Topics include:
  • Getting video into Photoshop
  • Splitting video clips
  • Moving and transitioning video
  • Animating artwork
  • Adding text to video
  • Rendering video with Photoshop
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Previewing the final project

- [Voiceover] Hi, this is Chris Converse and this is a course on adding graphics and animation to a video. We're gonna be taking artwork from another Photoshop file, wrapping the elements in Smart Objects, and creating an animation to the being of a video. We're also gonna be taking the video and cutting it up in pieces to remove frames that we don't want, and customizing the branding and experience of the video. And when we're done we'll have a branded video that we can use in other interactive projects, including websites, digital magazines, PDF, e-Pubs, and iBooks. So I hope this course sounds interesting to you, and if so, let's get started.

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