Design the Web: Simulating Web Text

with Chris Converse
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Design the Web: Simulating Web Text
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Simulate the look of anti-aliased web fonts in your next website mockup. In this concise course, Chris Converse teaches you how to use paragraph and character styles in Adobe Photoshop to mimic the look of headings, body text, and hyperlinks and adjust for the anti-aliasing treatment applied by different web browsers.

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Introduction to the project

- Hi, this is Chris Converse and this is a course on simulating web text inside of Photoshop. We're gonna start by creating character and paragraph styles so we can style content on our web canvas. And then we're also gonna take a look at how anti-aliasing changes across different browsers and platforms, and then use different anti-alias settings inside of Photoshop to match what our clients might be looking at, whether it be Windows, mobile devices, or the Macintosh. So I hope this course sounds interesting to you, and if so, let's get started.

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