Cropping and composing

show more Cropping and composing provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6 show less
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Cropping and composing

The next thing I want to take a look at here is how we can use the Crop tool in order to improve the overall composition of this image. In order to select the Crop tool, we can either click on it in the Tools panel, or we can press the C key in order to select the tool. Now, what we need to do with this tool is simply click and drag over the entirety of the image. We'll then notice that we have these different handles which we can drag on. Well, if we need to maintain the aspect ratio, hold down the Shift key and then click on one of the corner points and click and drag, and here you can see it's maintaining that aspect ratio.

Now, if we are not concerned with that, we can simply click on one of these corner points and go ahead and click and drag in order to have a little bit more of a Free Transform crop. Let me go ahead and make a crop here. I am going to click and drag and bring these points in from each side. Now, to apply this crop, I can either double- click in this area, or press Enter, or Return. All right. Well, now that I have this new crop, let's say that I realize I don't actually like this crop, I want to change it. Well, what can I do? Well, press the C key again.

That will reactivate the Crop tool. Now, with the Crop tool selected or activated, you can press the Escape key if you want to remove the crop altogether. Let's do that. Here you can see that it completely removed that crop. Now, just as a word of caution, if you press the Escape key when you don't have the Crop tool activated, it can actually close Camera Raw. So just make sure you are in the Crop tool when you press that key. All right. Well, let's take a look at a few other options here. If we click and hold on the Crop tool, you will notice that you also have some different aspect ratios that you can choose here.

One of the things that you can do is say, choose something like 3:4 or 4:5. I will go ahead and make one of those selections and then click and drag out. Now, here at this juncture, you can see that what's happening is I am creating a portrait, or a vertical orientation. In this case, we can see how the aspect ratio is working. Now, if ever you want to change that, simply modify how you click and drag, and in this case you can see how I am changing from vertical to horizontal as I make those changes in order to create a new crop area. All right. Well, once again, I want to escape from this crop, so I will press the good old Escape key to exit out of that.

Well, let's navigate back our Crop tool, click on this, and then choose Normal. Here, I will go ahead and click and drag across the image, and all that I want to do is just take out a little bit of the head room, which in turn will make the athlete a little bit more prominent, kind of bringing him up to the top of the frame. Here I will go ahead and simply double- click inside of this crop area, and now we have successfully cropped this image.

Cropping and composing
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Cropping and composing provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Chris Orwig as part of the Photoshop CS5 for Photographers: Camera Raw 6

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