Creating Composites in Photoshop

with Tim Grey
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Creating Composites in Photoshop
Video duration: 0s 3h 10m Intermediate


Putting together composite images is a great way to exercise your creativity, and in this course Tim Grey shares his tips for getting great results when you do so. After introducing the basic concepts and looking at some automated methods of creating a composite, Tim covers a wide variety of nifty techniques, from creating composites based on a gradient, to painting on a mask, to using a selection as the basis of a mask. Plus, learn how to clean up and improve the overall quality of your layer masks, apply adjustments to specific elements of a composite, add creative effects, work with layer groups, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Composite concepts
  • Creating automatic composites
  • Image compositing
  • Refining layer masks
  • Matching images
  • Adding effects to composites
  • Using layer groups
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- Hi there, I'm Tim Grey. Composite images can be great fun to create, but they can also be incredibly useful for a variety of purposes. There are, of course, a great many skills and techniques you'll want to master in order to produce the best composite images. And that's exactly what this video training course is aimed at. I'll start off by guiding you through some of the concepts of composite imaging, as well as some of the relatively automated methods of creating a composite. We'll then take a look at a wide variety of techniques for creating composite images, mostly revolving around the use of layer masks.

The layer mask is a remarkably powerful feature that is at the heart of compositing and Photoshop. We'll see how to create composites based upon a gradient, by painting on a mask, by using a selection as the basis of a mask, and much more. Of course, if you're going to create a composite image, you want to be sure it's done with the best quality possible, so we'll also spend some time looking at the various ways you can clean up and improve the overall quality of your layer masks. Finally, we'll explore a variety of techniques for applying adjustments to specific elements of a composite, adding creative effects, and employing layer groups, all aimed at helping you improve the sophistication of your composites.

Throughout this course, you'll learn many valuable skills, that will help you consistently produce composite images of the highest quality. And along the way, you'll have lots of fun as well. Let's get started.

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