Bert Monroy: Dreamscapes Volume 1

with Bert Monroy
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Bert Monroy: Dreamscapes Volume 1
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Discover how to use Adobe Photoshop, without any added fine art skills, to modify artwork and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Author and illustrator Bert Monroy takes an unexciting photo and transforms it into an amazing dream sequence by combining it with other photos and techniques. His process touches on compositing, digital painting, masking, and other key image editing techniques. All you need is Photoshop, some images that could use a boost, and your imagination!

Topics include:
  • Creating alpha channels
  • Isolating content with clipping groups and layer masks
  • Turning a day sky into a night sky
  • Compositing photos
  • Creating tableaus
  • Blending color and tone in combined images
  • Painting in explosions
Design Photography


- Hi, my name is Bert Monroy and welcome to the course, Dreamscapes. In this course, we're gonna let our imagination go wild. You don't have to be able to draw. All you need to do is have a good imagination and a knowledge of what Photoshop can do. We're gonna create landscapes based on scenes right here, on this planet but we're gonna change 'em so that they look like we're in some off world. It's a question of looking at something like a tree stump and seeing something beyond the tree stump. To see it as a whole 'nother world in which you can pull out some story from that simple little tree stump.

Everything will be based on bad photography. The kind of vacation shots that you wouldn't show your friends. You can take all those images, no matter how bad they are, and utilize 'em, take bits and pieces of each one to create the overall scene that you have imagined. So, let's just do that. Let's get creative, have some fun, see what it's all about, and see what we can come up with.

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