Artistic Video with Photoshop

with Ian Robinson
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Artistic Video with Photoshop
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This course illustrates how to create artistic video within the familiar interface of Photoshop. Author Ian Robinson looks at editing video with video groups, stylizing video with Smart Filters, and rotoscoping with vector masks. Animation is also covered, from animating brush strokes and adding and editing keyframes to exporting your final output.

With this course, existing Photoshop enthusiasts can expand their skills to learn a new discipline while staying in the application they already know and love. Video editors will see how to fix footage issues like lens distortion and chromatic aberration and how to create unique effects with Photoshop filters, brushes, and effects.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing Photoshop for video
  • Browsing and importing video clips
  • Understanding video groups
  • Trimming and sliding video
  • Applying video transitions
  • Using video shortcut keys
  • Fixing lens distortion and chromatic aberration
  • Creating and animating masks
  • Rotoscoping with vector masks
  • Stylizing video with filters
  • Applying specific color correction with 3D LUTs
  • Adding and adjusting keyframes in the timeline
  • Creating animated brush strokes
  • Animating type
  • Exporting video files


Hello, I'm Ian Robinson and I want to welcome you to Artistic Video with Photoshop. In this course, we'll get started by familiarizing ourselves with building a short stylized video. First, we'll cover how to edit video directly inside a Photoshop using video groups. Then, we'll jump to correcting and stylizing those clips and even edit in some still photos that will animate. After that, we'll layer in some graphic elements and text. And then of course, animate those elements.

Finally, we'll look at masking and compositing as we create our final stylized video. We'll even use animated masks to make graphics look like they're drawing themselves on to the screen. We've got quite a lot of ground to cover so let's get started creating Artistic Video with Photoshop.

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