Artistic Concepts with Bert Monroy

with Bert Monroy
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Artistic Concepts with Bert Monroy
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Legendary author and artist Bert Monroy has been making digital art since 1984; he's a pioneer in the field who never stops innovating creatively. In this course, he walks through basic artistic concepts critical for creating great art and designs. The course covers concepts like perspective, shadows, and reflections, and shows how to take advantage of Adobe Photoshop tools like layers to add, mask, and remove objects.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the vanishing point
  • Establishing a light source
  • Creating shadows on surfaces
  • Creating reflections
  • Aligning layers to add and remove objects


- Hi, and welcome to Artistic Concepts with me, Burt Monroy. Now, in this course what I'm gonna cover is not just techniques in Photoshop but basically some basic concepts about design. Not design on where you should put something, but how it should look when it's put with other objects. If you're gonna take a photograph and make it look nice that's fairly simple. Sometimes complicated, but still fairly simple. But if you're gonna take two photographs and put 'em together, that's where certain complications come in. So, I'm gonna teach you about shading.

How to add shadows, how to find out where the light source is, things like perspective, a very important thing because one thing might have been shot at a tabletop and you're trying to put it into a scene of a plaza, then perspective has to match to make it look like that item is in fact in that plaza. And things like shadows and reflections. If something's shiny and it's put into another scene, well it has to reflect the environment around it. So what we're gonna talk about is how all these things work together and how to use 'em to make your images look real.

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