The Adjustment of Clip Volume in Photoshop CS6

show more Adjusting volume in clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Richard Harrington as part of the Editing Video in Photoshop CS6 show less
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Adjusting volume in clips

I have gone ahead and completed the timeline and you are welcome to go ahead and just jump into this. Now, this particular timeline has some rough audio in it, and I want to show you how to clean that up. Let's first zoom in here, so we can more easily see the audio. And I have got my four clips. Let's take a listen from the top. (video playing) In this particular case, I would like to keep some of that audio because it helps set the mood, but then it gets a little bit loud with the construction.

To adjust volume in clips, just click the little button here and this is going to open up the Properties for that clip. Click on over to the Audio tab and you could adjust. I will lower that volume, in this case, to about 30%, and put a little fade on the beginning. Let's click on the next clip, and we will do similar, putting a fade at the end, press Home and then playback.

(video playing) That's working pretty well, but that next clip is really distracting. So in that case, let's learn how to mute audio. I will go ahead and open up the clip properties, switch on over to the Audio tab, and just choose Mute Audio. That is going to eliminate it altogether. Check the same thing here, this particular one has been converted to a Smart Object, so there is no audio property. If you need to modify the container, you might have to step inside the Smart Object. Let's go ahead and twirl that down, locate the shot, there it is, and I'll just double-click on the Smart Object itself. That opens it up into its own mini timeline where you can click and access the properties.

I am going to go ahead and mute this audio and then Close and Save to capture that. There we go! Let's scroll on down and I see those shots, we'll do a quick playback to review. (video playing) Narrator: This is your world; traffic, cell phones, steel structures, concrete roads, and people on the go. Trees are the exception, not the rule. Richard Harrington: That works really well. Now the sequence is starting to skip a bit because I have gone ahead and added several additional tracks with the footage. Once you start getting complex like this, it is pretty normal to see some skipping. If you want to allow that, just go ahead and click and turn On the ability to Allow Frame Skipping and that could smooth out playback a bit.

(video playing) What you see is, it attempts to playback in real time but does drop frames where needed. (video playing) That is working really well. All right, the rest of the audio has already been mixed. Let's explore adding a soundtrack.

Adjusting volume in clips
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Adjusting volume in clips provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Richard Harrington as part of the Editing Video in Photoshop CS6

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