40. Reset and Purge

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40. Reset and Purge

(Music playing) Deke's Photoshop? Deke's Photoshop? Top 40! All right, here it is. Photoshop Top 40 has officially begun. We get things started with a pair of options that can cleanup Photoshop's pluming when things get clogged up, Reset and Purge. When Photoshop is performing erratically you can invoke the top-secret Reset option and trash your corrupt preferences file. If Photoshop suddenly starts performing sluggishly choose Purge to empty your computer's memory here.

Here, let me show you how they work. All right, so imagine if you will that Photoshop's misbehaving and you can't quite put your finger on it but some thing is amiss and it could be something big, it could be something little. You've tried restarting Photoshop. You've tried restarting your machine. You should definitely attempt those two things first. The last thing to do is to go ahead and quit Photoshop and then restart the program and delete the Preferences, and here's how that works. As I say you want to make sure that Photoshop is not running, then you can launch Photoshop in any way, shape or form that you see fit.

What I am going to do is double-click on this JPG file here on the desktop. I have my JPG files linked to Photoshop. That's very important, or you could double-click on an image file inside of the Bridge of course. But once you do the moment you start Photoshop up, go ahead and immediately press the Ctrl+Shift and Alt keys here on the PC or the Command+Shift and Option keys on the Mac. And when I say immediately do it, I mean right away. And you'll get this little message right here. Now if you don't see it, the chances are good that is hidden by something that some windows covering it up.

But in my case I can see the alert message and it's saying, do I want to delete the Adobe Photoshop Preferences file? And the answer is Yes in my case. I'll go ahead and click on Yes. Now as I say you don't want to do that unnecessarily because all of your preferences will be gone. And for example you'll get this message right here inside a Adobe Photoshop CS4 anyway about the graphics card acceleration which is the message you get the very first time you start the program and you'd say Don't show again. And then you'll click No, that you don't need to go there now to this Adobe website because chances are good.

Hereunder Photoshop CS4 that your video card is already set up and ready to go, so click on No. And then you would go up to the Edit menu here on the PC. This would be the Photoshop menu on the Mac. You would go down the Preferences and then you would choose General or you press Ctrl+K here on the PC, Command+K on the Mac. And then you would start to reestablish the Preference settings that you had before which ostensibly by the way would be Export Clipboard off because generally speaking you don't want that option to be on, otherwise it's really up to you how you change your settings.

You may need to go to the Performance option and set up your various Scratch Disks. If you have it at C: and D: Drive as I do in my case you want them both to be Scratched Disks. I'd grab the D: drive and move it to the top, so D gets hit before C, on the Mac you'd have named drives right there. Make sure that Enable GL Drawling is turned on under CS4 and so on. And the other thing I recommend you do by the way, Units and Rulers, I recommend you work with pixels as your unit of measure because it's the best way to go. And then I am going to click OK. And that reestablishes my desired Preference settings.

Now the other thing that I want you to know inside of this great top features list here, feature #40, and this is a combo of features of course. The other thing you can do when you are working inside a Photoshop if it starts working very sluggishly and you've been working inside the program for several hours or even several days in this single Photoshop session. Then you can purge everything in RAM and that may make the program behave much more quickly. So go up to the Edit menu and you'll see this command right there that says Purge.

Now for me the command is dimmed because I haven't done anything inside the software. So I am going to go ahead and select a portion of this image and I'll go up to the Edit menu and I'll choose the Copy command. So that we have an action and we have something inside the Clipboard. Now if I go to the Edit menu and I choose Purge you can see that it can purge my one undo. So there is just one real level of undo inside a Photoshop. You can purge the Clipboard that is the Cut or Copy item that's waiting to be pasted and you can purge the Histories. Now that's your multiple undos right there and you are going to purge a lot of stuff if you do that.

Your Histories are what's taking up a lot of room inside Photoshop's RAM typically. And then if you just want to get rid of everything and just have the RAM clean as the driven snow then you go ahead and choose All. And that will completely wipe out everything that's in memory. But bear in mind you won't have the option to undo anything at that point. Because all of your single level undo and your Histories will be gone and the contents of your Clipboard will be wiped out as well. I am going to go ahead and choose All and notice I get this error message that says cannot be undone do I want to continue? Absolutely! And if I go up to the Edit menu you could there is nothing to Paste, there is nothing to undo, there is no stepping backward or forward for that matter and then there is nothing left to purge.

And now Photoshop should ostensibly be working faster for you. Now if it's still not running more quickly then you want to go ahead and quit the program, restart it, and see if that doesn't solve your problem. So remember you've got Purge. You have the ability to restart Photoshop. You have the ability to restart your machine, and then finally you can reset those Preference settings by launching the program and immediately pressing Control+Shift and Alt or Command+Shift and Option on the Mac.

40. Reset and Purge
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40. Reset and Purge provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Deke McClelland as part of the Photoshop Top 40

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