Lightroom Workflow Strategies

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom Workflow Strategies
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In this course, Chris Orwig navigates through several real-world photography assignment scenarios and introduces his workflow recommendations in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for each one, whether on-site, in the field, or back at the office. For a wedding or other event, Chris shows how to import images quickly, batch process the pictures, and create a slideshow to display during the event or import to Facebook. Back at the office, Chris demonstrates how the images can be reprocessed and exported for printing at a lab or burning to DVD.

The second workflow covers location shoots for travel photography. Chris shows how to label photos with travel-specific keywords and add locations to photos with the Lightroom Map module. At home the images can be added to catalogs, laid out in a book format, or printed on multi-image sheets.

The final two methodologies cover the editorial or commercial process and a more personal and creative one. Whatever the shooting scenario, this course offers an organized and comprehensive workflow for taking photographs through the editing process in Lightroom.



- Hi my name is Chris Orwig. Welcome to this course Lightroom Workflow Strategies. You know there are so many different ways to learn Lightroom and in some of the other courses we focus in on all of the different panels and controls yet here we're gonna do something different. We're gonna take a look at how we can apply this knowledge how we can bring it all together in an effective workflow. One of the workflows that we'll look at is how a wedding or event photographer can deal with the high volume of images when speed is a priority.

We'll also take a look at that workflow scenario of when we're traveling say when we have a laptop and a desktop and when we have two catalogs how can we bring those two catalogs together. We'll also take a look at a workflow when we're working for a client, say in an editorial or commercial context. Well the last workflow that we're gonna look at is what I call personal. We're gonna take a look at how we can use Lightroom in order to be more creative. We're gonna cover all of these topics and more. So without further delay, let's begin.

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