Lightroom 3 Advanced Techniques

with Chris Orwig
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Lightroom 3 Advanced Techniques
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In Photoshop Lightroom 3 Advanced Techniques, photographer Chris Orwig shows how to master the subtleties of Lightroom 3 and maximize its efficiency. The course begins with an in-depth exploration of Lightroom catalogs to keep track of photos, collections, keywords, stacks, and more. Along the way, Chris shows how to integrate Bridge and Photoshop in the Lightroom workflow and shares advanced techniques, including image editing with the adjustment brush, automating actions, using plug-ins and extensions, exporting to email or an FTP server, and more. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:
  • Maximizing file compatibility
  • Speeding up the workflow with automation
  • Working with catalogs, collections, and folders
  • Diagramming multiple catalogs and computers
  • Performing and restoring backups
  • Setting up tethered capture
  • Advanced retouching techniques, such as eye enhancement and blemish reduction
  • Working with color profiles
  • Perfecting prints from Lightroom
  • Creating custom watermarks
  • Making a custom web gallery
  • Exporting and publishing photos


- Welcome and good morning. My name is Chris Orwig. I'm a photographer, author and teacher among the faculty at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California where we are right now, and it is another beautiful morning here on the west coast of California. You know the sun has just risen. It's the dawn of a new day. You know, I'm really passionate and excited about photography. I love getting out in the world and watching the sunrise, and see the colors come to life. And that passion and excitement extends to my post-production workflow as well. And that's what we're gonna focus in on in this course.

Lightroom 3: Advanced Techniques, and in a sense, this course is one of a kind. It's unique and here's why: There's a lot of training out there in regards to the basics, or the foundations, or the essentials of Lightroom, but never before, until now, has there been a course that digs into some of those advanced topics. So, what exactly are we gonna cover in this course? We're gonna start off by looking at how we can work with Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop together. Then, from there we're gonna dig into some other important topics as well, like how can we automate Lightroom? Or, how can we work with catalogs? catalogs are an essential component.

The better understanding we have of those catalogs, the better we can work with Lightroom. We'll also explore how we can work with folders and collections in order to organize our work. We'll take some time, looking at how we can create and design custom watermarks. We'll also take a look at how we can publish to Flickr, or to other devices, like an iPad or an iPhone. We'll explore how we can use Lightroom in order to create collections of photographs, and then to create photo books using other different types of software, how we can extend Lightroom's reach by exporting our images via FTP.

We'll also take a look at how we can set Lightroom up, so that we can email photos directly from this application. We'll then explore how we can work with plugins in creative ways. And then from there we're gonna explore some of those speed tips and techniques which will help you expedite your overall workflow. Well, as you can tell, I'm really excited about the training we have ahead of us. Thanks for joining me on this one. Let's begin.

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