Up and Running with Lightroom 3

with Jan Kabili
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Up and Running with Lightroom 3
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In this course, Jan Kabili provides an approachable introduction to organizing, editing, and sharing photos in Lightroom. The course offers a quick-start approach to the basics, from importing photos from a camera or a hard drive, to managing photos in the Library module, to improving photos by adjusting exposure, recovering details from highlights and shadows, sharpening, and more. Jan also includes a look at popular Lightroom features for sharing photos: exporting, printing, and creating slideshows.

Topics include:
  • Understanding Lightroom catalogs
  • Importing photos from multiple sources
  • Organizing photos with ratings, keywords, and collections
  • Working with virtual copies
  • Making basic corrections to photo color and tone
  • Making local photo edits with the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter tools
  • Removing spots from multiple photos at once
  • Reducing digital noise and sharpening
  • Cropping and straightening
  • Printing and exporting edited photos
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Jan Kabili. Welcome to Up and Running with Photoshop Lightroom 3. This course is a no-frills, streamlined guide to just what you need to know about Lightroom 3. We'll home right in on the tasks that are central to Lightroom, starting with importing photos to Lightroom from a digital camera, and from your existing photo collection. I'll show you key techniques for managing your photo collection in Lightroom, including organizing your photos with keywords, using a simple photo rating system that works, and sifting through a large collection of photos to find just the one you're looking for.

Then we'll get to the real magic: correcting your photos using Lightroom's intuitive basic controls. I'll walk you through a photo correction workflow that tackles whitebalance, exposure, and contrast. I'll show you how to bring detail back into clipped highlights, how to fix back-lit photos, and how to add extra snap to your photographs. So, let's jump in and get up and running with Photoshop Lightroom 3.

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