Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 11

with Jan Kabili
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Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 11
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In this course, photographer and author Jan Kabili explores what you need to know to start using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 to edit, organize, and share your photos.

The course begins with a look at how to import your photos into Elements, and then dives right into editing photos with the Photo Fix, Quick Edit, and Guided Edit workspaces. Jan also introduces the Expert Edit workspace, which provides tools for making selections, retouching, compositing, adding text, and more. Finally, the course reviews the Elements 11 sharing features, including crafting photo creations like greeting cards, emailing photos, and sharing photos on Facebook.

Topics include:
  • What is Elements?
  • Working with catalogs
  • Importing photos from your computer, camera, or iPhoto
  • Applying one-click photo adjustments in the Organizer
  • Using Quick Edit and Guided Edit in the Editor
  • Retouching with the Healing Brush tools
  • Correcting skin tones
  • Editing automatically with actions
  • Organizing photos by people, places, or events
  • Sharing photos by email and on Facebook
Photoshop Elements


- [Voiceover] Hi everyone, I'm Jan Kabili. I'm happy to welcome you to Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 11. We'll start out the course where you'll usually start with your own photos, importing them into an elements catalog. Then we'll get right down to editing photos in Elements, exploring it's range of editing environments where you can accomplish everything from quick automatic photo corrections to full-featured photo editing. The next part of the course is about keeping track of your growing collection of photos in Elements Organizer. With aids like people recognition and places view.

We'll put your new skills to work making a creative photo project in Elements, and finally, I'll show you how to share your enhanced photos with family, friends and colleagues right from Elements. You don't need any particular skills to benefit from this course, so there's nothing to keep us from jumping right in to get Up and Running with Photoshop Elements 11.

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