Photoshop Elements 9 Essential Training

with Jan Kabili
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Photoshop Elements 9 Essential Training
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In Photoshop Elements 9 Essential Training, Jan Kabili highlights the key features of this comprehensive image organization and photo enhancement application. She shows how to correct and enhance photographs, and how to organize a growing collection of digital photos. The course also explains how to use photos in creative projects like photo books, calendars, and greeting cards, and how to share work online and in print. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Downloading files from a digital camera
  • Importing photos into an Elements catalog
  • Applying keyword tags
  • Organizing photos into albums and Smart Albums
  • Automatically adjusting photos in Quick Fix
  • Walking through Guided Edit photo techniques
  • Understanding photo resizing and resolution
  • Cropping and straightening photos
  • Making and refining selections
  • Correcting photos in the Full Edit workspace
  • Applying image sharpening
  • Adding text and special effects
  • Creating photo projects, such as greeting cards and calendars
Photoshop Elements


(whooshing) - [Voiceover] Welcome to Photoshop Elements 9: Essential Training. I'm Jan Kabili, your instructor for this course. I'm looking forward to showing you Windows and Mac users the exciting photo-editing and organizing features in Photoshop Elements 9. In the first part of this course, I'll show you how to use the Elements organizer to manage your photos. I'll explain how to apply keyword tags and use them to find a particular photo. I'll cover how to arrange your photos into albums, and how to create smart albums that automatically update as you add photos to the organizer.

In the next part of the course, we'll explore approaches to photo-editing in Elements. I'll cover the automatic photo-fix options in the organizer, and then the quick-fix workspace in the editor, that offers simple ways to customize photo corrections. I'll also show you the step-by-step guided edits. Then we'll move on to the full edit workspace, where I'll show you how to correct and manipulate photos using layers, the new layer masks, selections, and many more exciting features.

As a photographer myself, I'm really impressed to see that all Elements 9 has to offer. So let's get started exploring Photoshop Elements 9.

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