Photoshop for Designers: Textures

with Nigel French
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Photoshop for Designers: Textures
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In this course, author Nigel French shows how to use textures to create visual interest, heighten realism, and add dimension to Photoshop artwork. The course demonstrates how to apply multiple filters and paint in effects with layer masks, combine textures with images using layer blending modes, use brushes to paint in and accentuate texture, and create brush presets by sampling textures from photographs. The course also shows how to automate the application of textures with actions.

Topics include:
  • Using render filters
  • Applying textures with the Texturizer filter
  • Adding noise and film grain
  • Matching grain when cloning
  • Aging photos
  • Blending textures with layer masks
  • Applying texture to an uneven surface
  • Creating texture brushes
  • Building density with brush settings
  • Applying texture to type
  • Finding, downloading and installing actions


Hi! My name is Nigel French and welcome to Photoshop for Designers, Textures. Textures are a great way to create visual interest, heighten realism and add dimension to your Photoshop artwork. To start with we will use Photoshop Filters, but we will be doing much more than just choosing a filter for a generic result. We will be applying them thoughtfully in combination and we will be painting in their effects with layer masks. I will show you how to combine textures with images using Photoshop's layer Blending modes.

We will be working with brushes to paint in and accentuate texture and creating brush presets by sampling photographic textures. We will explore Photoshop's texture-related features, layer styles, pattern, and texture presets. Lastly we will see how to automate the application of textures through the use of Photoshop actions. So let's get started with Photoshop for Designers, Textures.

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Q: In the movie, "Finding, downloading, and installing actions" Nigel directs me to a page at that no longer exists to download a Photoshop action. What happened to it?
A: Unfortunately, this Photoshop action is no longer available from Adobe's website.
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