Photoshop for Designers: Color

with Nigel French
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Photoshop for Designers: Color
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In this Photoshop for Designers course, Nigel French focuses on the tools and features in Photoshop designed for choosing, applying, and editing color. The course looks at concepts such as the color wheel and color harmonies as well as the practicalities of using the Color Picker, leveraging the power of color channels, and the characteristics of different color modes in Photoshop. The course includes exercises on correcting color, enhancing color, shifting and replacing colors, working with spot color channels, hand coloring black and white images, and designing with a reduced color palette.

Topics include:
  • Defining color terms
  • Using Kuler to create color palettes
  • Understanding additive and subtractive color
  • Understanding color management
  • Using the Levels, Curves, Auto Tone, and Auto Contrast adjustments
  • Color correction
  • Selecting color—from the Magic Wand to Color Range
  • Neutralizing blacks and whites with blend modes
  • Matching colors
  • Saturating and de-saturating colors
  • Increasing saturation with Vibrance
  • Designing with spot color
  • Colorizing images


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Nigel French. Welcome to Photoshop for Designers Color. This course is aimed at helping designers and indeed anyone who uses Photoshop to get the most out of working with color. We begin with an overview of important color concepts related, but not limited to Photoshop. Then we'll look at the nuts and bolts as well as the aesthetics of choosing, managing, and applying colors to our designs. After we've covered Photoshop's conventions for describing and representing color we'll move on to important techniques for working with color, like color correction, working with spot colors, colorizing black and white images, and some cool recipes for working with limited color palettes.

We'll also be using essential features like layer masks, adjustment layers, small objects. So let's get started with Photoshop for Designers Color.

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