Photoshop CS4 Portrait Retouching Essential Training

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop CS4 Portrait Retouching Essential Training
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A portrait can be a cherished possession for a lifetime, and now making perfect portraits is just one Photoshop course away. Professional photographer and instructor Chris Orwig uses his vast knowledge of Photoshop to focus on the specific tools every photographer needs to adjust images and keep them looking genuine. Photoshop CS4 Portrait Retouching Essential Training explores this program's deep resources and inspires photographers to do their creative best with everything from blemishes to backdrops. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the art of retouching
  • Using color correction tools to correct skin tone
  • Detailing and improving eyes and other facial features
  • Working with the Camera Raw Adjustment brush
  • Adding and improving hair
  • Whitening and brightening teeth
  • Softening skin and enhancing makeup
  • Subtly improving physique
  • Reviewing the final workflow for the best work possible


(bright, upbeat music) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) - Hey, welcome. My name's Chris Orwig, and I'll be your host and guide on this training adventure. And I'm really excited about this training title, and here's why. What we're gonna do is take a look at how we can make our photographs of people even better. And you know what? Some of the most impactful photographs of all time have been photos of people. Isn't that interesting? Sometimes you look at those photos, you see the before and then the after, and you say, "How did they do that?" Well, we're going to demystify that.

I'm gonna teach you how to really make your photographs of people come to life. Now, this is not a beginning Photoshop training title. So if you ever feel like you're over your head, go ahead and check out some of my other training titles and then hop back to this one. And, even more, in order to be good at retouching, we have to be creative, we have to be insightful, so as a result, I though it'd be fun to include a few creative tips throughout this training title. So what exactly are we gonna cover here? Well, while we're going to cover a wide range of topics, here are a few. We're gonna start off by looking at color and tone, because really, you have to get that right from the get-go.

Because if it's not right, all the rest of our retouching will be irrelevant. Then, we're gonna focus in on the small details. And there, we're gonna talk about how can we clean up our photographs? In particular, how can we work on those little small details in Camera Raw? And then, how can we work on those little small details inside of Photoshop? And, after we've done that, we're gonna get to some other topics. How can we enhance our photos? For example, how can we reduce or remove wrinkles? How can we brighten or whiten teeth? And then, one of the most important aspects of our photographs of people: the eyes.

How can we brighten eyes, sharpen eyes, add a little bit of sparkle to eyes? Or for that matter, how can we change the eye color? And then, of course, we'll work on eyebrows and eyelashes. Then we're gonna get to some other topics like makeup. How can we add or enhance or change makeup? And then, we'll say, well, what can we do with the body? How can we add a little bit of symmetry? Or, for that matter, how can we do some thinning? And after we've learned all of these different little skills, we'll say, okay, the very end of this training title, how can I put all of those skills together? How can I work on one image from start to finish? And we'll have a workflow chapter where we will do just that.

Now, as you can tell, I'm incredibly excited about this training title. And I'm excited because I love photography of people. It's one of my passions, and I love making my photographs of people that much better. And so, we're gonna dig in to how we can use Photoshop in order to make our photos of people stronger, more compelling, more engaging, and more inspiring. So, we have a lot of ground to cover, so without further delay, let's begin.

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