Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery

with Deke McClelland
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Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery
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Photoshop mastery can be elusive, but in Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Mastery, best-selling author and video trainer Deke McClelland teaches the most powerful, unconventional, and flexible features of the program. In this third and final installment of the popular and comprehensive series, Deke delves into the strongest features that Photoshop has to offer, including scalable vector graphics, Smart Objects, and Photomerge. Exercise files accompany the course.

Recommended prerequisites: Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals and Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Advanced, both part of the Online Training Library®.

Download Deke's customized keyboard layouts and color settings for Photoshop from the Exercise Files tab.

Topics include:
  • Defining the essentials of masking
  • Resizing images with content-aware scaling
  • Adjusting perspective with Vanishing Point
  • Applying Smart Filters to create complex effects
  • Using the Auto-Align tool to build composite images
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(Music playing.) Hi! I'm Deke McClelland. Hello and welcome to Photoshop CS4 One-on-One. My cradle to grave, everything you need to know series on Adobe Photoshop. If you watch the fundamentals or advanced parts of this series, you already know that I'm breaking Photoshop CS4 One-on-One into three parts. In this part, Part 3 Mastery, we'll take on Photoshop's most verified and powerful features. In the next eight chapters, I'll show you how to use alpha channels to create exacting masks and select fine details like hair. We'll also see scalable infinitely editable vector base shapes.

Interested in editing a three- dimensional scene? Then Vanishing Point is your filter of choice. I'll also show you the massive power of smart objects, non-destructive transformations and forever-editable smart filters. Then we'll finish things off with a look at Auto Align, Photo Emerge, Content Aware Scale, and more cutting edge technologies. Looking to up your game, I've got nearly 150 movies that are going to take you into the absolute Photoshop stratosphere. Welcome to Photoshop CS4 One-on-One Mastery.

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