Photoshop CS4: Layers in Depth

with Jan Kabili
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Photoshop CS4: Layers in Depth
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In Photoshop CS4: Layers in Depth, Jan Kabili explores the layer-related features and techniques that allow designers and photographers to work non-destructively with separate pieces of artwork, photographs, and text in a single Photoshop file. She teaches everything from the basics of creating and managing layers to more advanced topics like layer masking, layer comps, and clipping layers. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Creating, selecting, and organizing layers
  • Controlling layer visibility, opacity, and stacking order
  • Working with type and shape layers
  • Practical uses for layer blend modes
  • Adding dimension with layer effects and layer styles
  • Using clipping layers to shape content
  • Merging and saving layers
  • Introducing 3D layers, video layers, and Smart Object layers
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(upbeat music) - [Voiceover] I'm Jan Kabili, and this is Photoshop CS4, Layers in Depth. For over a decade I've been teaching Photoshop in classrooms and online, as well as writing books and magazine articles about using and understanding Photoshop. Without a doubt, I've found that designers, photographers, and other Photoshop users, who take advantage of all that layers have to offer, have the tools to make good projects into standout projects.

In this course, I'll show you the many ways of using layers to enhance your images. I'll cover the basics of creating, managing, and working with layers. I'll teach you how to use layer masks to hide content, and to combine images. I'll show you how layer blend modes can work for you. And I'll walk you through working with type and shape layers. And I'll introduce some exciting, special layer types, including smart object layers, adjustment layers, video layers, and new 3D layers.

Now let's dive deep into everything layers, with Photoshop CS4 Layers in Depth.

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