Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D

with Chad Perkins
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Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D
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The 3D capabilities in CS4 move Photoshop into a new dimension of image creation. Adobe Certified Instructor Chad Perkins reviews the new 3D panel in Photoshop CS4, and demonstrates how to use 3D files in other applications, such as Bridge and After Effects. Chad reviews the basic 3D workflow, and then explores techniques for using cameras and perspective, creating 3D scenes from photos, working with layers, manipulating 3D objects, and even creating 3D animation. For users who want to go a little deeper, Chad introduces advanced methods for working with materials, rendering, and layers. Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D adds powerful tools to any designer's creative arsenal. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding 3D concepts Importing and exporting 3D objects Creating 3D objects in Photoshop Transforming 3D objects Painting on 3D objects Learning to use various new material types Creating and adjusting lights Animating in 3D space Rendering with shadows, reflections, and refractions
3D + Animation


(light upbeat music) - I'm Chad Perkins and this is Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D. This time it takes Photoshop to a whole new dimension. It's not the Twilight Zone, it's the third dimension and the 3D features in Photoshop are truly amazing. Photoshop 3D has had a major overhaul, so we'll review the basics to get you started. Then we'll jump into the juice of the program creating and moving 3D objects, working with cameras and lights, experimenting with new material types, animating in 3D, importing and exporting 3D objects, painting, layering, and I'm getting all excited just talking about it.

It's time to enter the new dimension with Photoshop CS4 Extended for 3D.

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