Photoshop Blend Mode Magic

with Michael Ninness
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Photoshop Blend Mode Magic
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The blend modes in Photoshop offer incredible creative options for designers and photographers wanting to enhance images. In Photoshop Blend Mode Magic, Michael Ninness shows Photoshop users how to access and apply blend modes efficiently to achieve an aesthetic vision. He explains the building blocks of layer blending and demonstrates how blend modes can be used for color correction, sharpening, blending images together, adding dramatic glow, applying custom edge treatments, and many other creative effects. Michael also introduces advanced blending options for more experienced Photoshop users. Most of all, he demystifies this essential feature in plain, easy-to-understand terms and inspires photographers to use blend modes in ways they may have never considered before. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the three must-learn blend modes
  • Adding texture overlays
  • Recovering detail using Luminosity and Pin Light
  • Enhancing highlight and shadow details
  • Instant dust spot removal
  • Using Overlay to add textured type
  • Simulating film grain
  • Adding antique color effects
  • Combining adjustment layers with blending modes
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- Hi there, my name is Michael Ninness. I'm a product manager and user interface designer at Adobe. I've also been teaching and speaking about Photoshop since 1990. For most Photoshop users, blend modes remain confusing and mysterious. Most of you have probably never bothered memorizing what each blending mode actually does. You just keep choosing the next blend mode on the list until your image looks the way you want it to. In this course, I'm gonna explain away the mysteries and show you just how useful and fun blending modes can actually be. I won't be diving into the nitty-gritty math behind the blend modes and I promise not to use a bunch of geeky, technical terms like algorithms or luminance.

In the opening chapter, you will see where blending modes live in Photoshop and how to access them quickly. I'll point out the three blend modes you must memorize. Because once you know these three, you'll be well on your way to understanding the rest of them. The remaining chapters are organized the same way the blending modes are organized in Photoshop. Each video in these chapters is a self-contained and compelling example of how to use a given blend mode to accomplish a specific task. For example, you'll see how they can be used to do tonal correction, color correction, and even sharpening. I'll show you how easy it can be to combine multiple exposures to create a single image with maximum highlight and shadow details.

I'll also show you many examples of how they can be used to add creative effects to your images, such as dramatic glows, texture overlays, and custom edge treatments. My goal is that by the end of this course, you'll be inspired to incorporate blend modes into your everyday usage of Photoshop. With that, let's get started with Photoshop Blend Mode Magic.

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