Photo Restoration with Photoshop

with Janine Smith
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Photo Restoration with Photoshop
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In this course, professional photo restorer Janine Smith describes how to use Photoshop to restore, retouch, and enhance old or damaged photos. It covers evaluating scanned images for imperfections, using the Clone Stamp tool and other Photoshop tools, and addressing common problems and their fixes, starting with the basics (fading, spots, and paper texture) and continuing with more complex challenges (rips, adhesive tape, ink marks, mold, and more). Also included are methods for fixing exposure problems and colorcast as well as advanced techniques in photo restoration, such as replacing backgrounds and recreating missing facial features and body parts. The course includes a project that takes an image from damaged start to restored finish.

Topics include:
  • Assessing the damage
  • Rebuilding color channels in a grayscale image
  • Removing small splits, specks, and spots
  • Repairing red eye
  • Reassembling torn photos
  • Removing stains
  • Fixing mold damage
  • Understanding the basics of levels and curves
  • Correcting color problems
  • Repairing and recreating backgrounds
  • Sharpening a photo
  • Comparing before and after images


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Janine Smith, and welcome to Photo Restoration with Photoshop. In this course, we'll begin with the basics of digital photo restoration, and move on to some more challenging issues. I'll start by showing you how to customize your workspace, and assess the damage in your images. We'll then take a look at how to tackle specific restoration issues such as color correction, and replacing missing pieces. Finally, I'll use many of these techniques to demonstrate the restoration of an image from start to finish.

We'll be covering all the fundamentals plus a few more advanced techniques for making your restoration projects the best they can be. Now let's get started with Photo Restoration with Photoshop.

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