Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Essentials

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Essentials
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Some of the most compelling photographs are of people--portraits, family snapshots, wedding photos--and Photoshop helps make people look their best in pictures. In Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Essentials, professional photographer and Photoshop expert Chris Orwig gives a hands-on tour of the retouching secrets used by pros. He demonstrates tricks for covering up skin flaws, correcting discrepancies in color and tone, removing backgrounds and other visual distractions, fixing teeth and hair, enhancing facial features, and sculpting body parts. This inspiring step-by-step training course is full of secrets that will help professionals and hobbyists alike create stunning photographs of people. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Those wishing to see these skills applied in greater detail may also enjoy Photoshop CS3 Portrait Retouching Techniques.

Topics include:
  • Strategizing a retouching workflow
  • Correcting color and tone
  • Cleaning up images in Camera Raw
  • Removing distractions
  • Enhancing structure and symmetry
  • Reducing and removing wrinkles
  • Sculpting facial features and body parts
  • Whitening and brightening teeth
  • Changing eyes
  • Smoothing skin


- Welcome, my name is Chris Orwig and I will be your host and guide on this training adventure. I'm a pro photographer and I'm on the faculty at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California and I'm really excited about this training and here's why. You know some of the most impactful photographs of all time are photographs of people and in this training title, we're gonna look at how we can make our photographs of people even better. Well we have a lot of ground to cover, so without further delay, let the adventure begin.

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