Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques

with Chris Orwig
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Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques
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In Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques, professional photographer Chris Orwig goes beyond the basics, exploring the use of Photoshop to create beautiful and inspiring images. From first viewing a scene to preparing photos for expert output, Chris takes photographers through the whole process of creating great pictures. He also covers understanding color, making color corrections, working with special effects and filters, and much more. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Creating compelling images
  • Enhancing and correcting color
  • Applying cross-processing effects
  • Exploring focus, infrared, and solarizing
  • Adding light
  • Actualizing vision with motion, color, and tone
  • Seeing photographically
  • Adding authenticity with film grain
  • Adding borders and edge effects
  • Blending layers to create visual impact
  • Adding shadows and tints
  • Combining multiple exposures
  • Correcting perspective
  • Recording custom actions and batch processing
  • Printing considerations and expert tips
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