Photoshop CS2 FAQs

with Peter Bauer
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Photoshop CS2 FAQs
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How many times a day when you are using Photoshop do you stop and ask yourself a question that begins something like "How do I..." or "Where is..." or "What the..."? Rather than pulling out your hair in frustration, watch Photoshop CS2 FAQs with Peter Bauer! This video-based tutorial is a terrific resource designed to help you find the answers to more than 100 of the questions most frequently asked by typical Photoshop users. Each video in this title provides an answer to a specific question. Questions like "How can I reset Photoshop's Preferences?"; "How can I find the new features in Photoshop CS2?"; and "What do I do when Photoshop tells me it can't save my file?" are all covered in this tutorial. You will learn how to set up Photoshop to create the most trouble-free working environment and how to solve dozens of common problems faced when working with this complex and powerful program. You will also gain an understanding of key Photoshop concepts along the way. So the next time you get stumped by something in Photoshop and are ready to scream, turn to Peter and his Photoshop CS2 FAQs instead.

Topics include:
  • Answers to questions about: Installation and Preferences settings Color settings and color management Preventing common problems Making tough selections Essential color correction techniques Resizing and resampling images Using the tools Working with layers Type and text in Photoshop Working with paths and shapes
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