Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS2

with Chris Orwig
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Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS2
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Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS2 is a video-based tutorial designed for professional photographers and enthusiasts who want to get professional results. Chris Orwig, a professional photographer and instructor at the world-renowned Brooks Institute of Photography, shares the secrets and techniques that he uses to enhance his own photography in Photoshop. The training follows a photographer's digital workflow, starting with essential color management decisions and organizing images with Adobe Bridge. Chris moves on to cover processing Camera Raw files, enhancing tone and color, and correcting imperfections. He then demonstrates how to prepare the images for output and client reviews. Chris shares examples of his work as exercise files that accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Photoshop from a photographer's perspective Essential color management decisions Managing and tagging your images with Adobe Bridge Controlling and automating the digital process with Camera Raw Professional tone and color correction Compositing multiple exposures for increased dynamic range Removing dust, scratches, and noise Selective sharpening and blurring techniques Adding creative color and lighting effects Shooting for and combining images into a panorama Techniques for sharing and reviewing images
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>> Male Speaker: Welcome. My name's Chris Orwig, I will be your host and guide on this training adventure. I am a professional photographer, interactive designer, and on the faculty at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. And I thoroughly enjoy what I get to do for a living. Therefore, it is a distinct honor and privilege to partner with you in this training endeavor and I'm really excited about the ground we have to cover, so without further delay, let the adventure begin.

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