Creative Inspirations: Bert Monroy, Digital Painter and Illustrator

with Bert Monroy
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Creative Inspirations: Bert Monroy, Digital Painter and Illustrator
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Renowned artist Bert Monroy is known for his hyperrealistic style of extremely large format Photoshop illustrations. As an early adopter of digital imaging tools, he has been working with Photoshop since before it was released as a product by Adobe. He is the author of several books that showcase his illustrations and digital paintings, co-authored the very first book about Photoshop, and has authored numerous courses on photorealism for He is the former host of the long-running podcast Pixel Perfect with Bert Monroy, and an inductee of the Photoshop Hall of Fame. This installment of Creative Inspirations takes viewers inside the home studio and the personal world of this modern-day master. Watch as Bert adds the finishing touches to his largest digital image yet, a 25-foot wide digital illustration of New York's Times Square.

In Bonus Features, Bert talks about the differences between digital and traditional art and how he chooses reference material for his paintings.



(Upbeat rock music) - Reproducing Time Square is something I've wanted to do, even before the computer, when I was working traditionally, I always wanted to do Times Square. Because its such an incredibly colorful place and I like doing neons. And where do you find more neons than Time Square? Now what makes my work unique, is that it's not a photograph. So I am creating these things. Very sharp. Very large.

So I can get all of the detail I want. Epson loved my stuff because of that. No matter how big they make it, its going to look sharp. Nothing is out of focus. Where here's the actual character I created. And there it is in the actual size its going to be in the final painting. I went in, and created a lot more detail sometimes than I need, just so that when I bring it down, its going to look really clean and crisp. Something in my head clicked, and said this is it, this is the media of the future. Because I used to work large to get detail in my paintings. Digital just changed the whole landscape of the graphic arts industry.

When I write a book, and showing all the stuff that I did, its not really giving away my secrets. What it is, is this is what I did with that particular tool. Now, here's how it works, you do something. I've eaten here many times before, but I was never inspired to paint it until that one moment. Because the light was just right, the shadows were just right, and the inspiration hit me, and I said, here's a painting. Art is a personal thing. I don't do my paintings for other people. If I did, I wouldn't be doing rusty old bar signs, I'd be doing nice little floral arrangements with little fruit baskets and stuff that people want to put over their couch.

Not a rusty bar sign. I do things that I feel, things that I want to do. We should find that little child inside of us, that just does something just for the sake of it. Just because it makes us feel good, and because it's fun doing it. (upbeat rock music)

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