Learning Photoshop 7

with Bruce Heavin
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Learning Photoshop 7
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Learning Adobe Photoshop 7 is a movie-based training tutorial that will get you up to speed quickly with using Adobe Photoshop. This tutorial includes exercise files that you can try out at your own pace. Learning Adobe Photoshop 7 is a progressive learning process, starting with a foundation of the basics and moving into more complicated tasks that allow you to follow along and get results. With over 18 hours of footage, you can focus on areas that you need to understand in your day-to-day work with Adobe Photoshop, or learn completely from scratch. Understanding or prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is not required to get going with Learning Adobe Photoshop 7. This training is ideal for the absolute beginner or as a good refreshing look for users that want to become better acquainted with the workings of Adobe Photoshop 7.

Topics include:
  • Photoshop color pickers
  • Gradients
  • The Clone Stamp tool
  • Healing tools
  • Saving your files
  • Layers and layer sets
  • Screen modes
  • Filters and filter basics
  • Layer effects and styles
  • Importing Illustrator files
  • Saving as PDF
  • Automated tasks
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