Family and Group Portraiture

with Natalie Fobes
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Family and Group Portraiture
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In this course, Pulitzer finalist Natalie Fobes shows how to capture engaging portrait shots of couples, families, and other groups using a variety of posing and composition techniques.

The course discusses how to plan for a portrait photo shoot and how to make stylistic decisions regarding props, clothing, and makeup. Next, the course reviews the essentials of posing women and men, starting with a single subject, moving on to a couple, and then working up to large groups. The course also demonstrates how to pose and compose a group portrait in ways that highlight the relationships between group members, whether they're family members or business colleagues. Lastly, to illustrate the time constraints photographers often face, Natalie works against the clock to shoot a group of people she's never met.

The course also covers various postprocessing techniques geared specifically for portraiture, such as working with wrinkles and skin textures.



- Hi, I'm Natalie Fobes and welcome to Family and Group Portraiture. In this course, we'll explore what makes an effective group portrait. We'll talk about the importance of the message of the portrait and how that will determine your location, your lighting, and your posing. We'll give you some tips on clothing and jewelry and how to make sure that the attention is on your people and not what they're wearing. We'll start with one person and show you the basic poses for a man and for a woman and then we'll add another and show you the smallest of all group shots, the twosome.

After that, we'll talk about how important subgroups are. These subgroups are two, or three, or four people and how these are really the building blocks of a larger group portrait. You'll come along with me as you see me work with a large group and use these small subgroups. There are times that even the best photographer catches a blink or a funny expression. I'll show you how to fix that in Photoshop. And finally, it's important to know the rules but also know that you can break them.

By breaking the rules, we feed our creativity and that helps us grow as photographers. So, let's get started with Family and Group Portraiture.

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