Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Photographing Kids and Families

with Douglas Kirkland
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Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Photographing Kids and Families
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When you photograph kids and families, "you're recording a piece of history," says renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland in Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Photographing Kids and Families. In this course, Douglas discusses the art of photographing kids ranging from toddlers to preteens, both alone and together with parents and siblings. As he photographs close friends and family members, Douglas discusses the use of ambient light as well as LED fill light, and demonstrates shooting techniques in both informal and studio settings.

Topics include:
  • Capturing memories: the importance of photographing kids and families
  • Working with toddlers by playing with them
  • Making lens and lighting decisions
  • Using props and toys to make kids comfortable
  • Posing families and kids together

Course highlights

(music playing) Photography of kids is very important. You are recording a very important piece of history. You want a great image that lasts into the future and people remember. I love always to document family, as I did my kids when they were growing up. I find it best to start with the available light. Respond what is with you, what is in the air, what is in the location.

You often have to tell people "move closer, closer. Please touch your heads together." No matter what kind of a beautiful new camera lens you have, it's the people out in front and how you relate to them. (video playing) An LED system works beautifully for this delicate available light. You just dial in a small amount.

You're making a beautiful painting or something. That's what you're really doing with your camera. It's all a new challenge and that's the excitement about photography.

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